Waurika dominates District Champs

Dalee Barrick, staff writer

The Waurika Academic Team won both games against District Champion, Empire, at their last Wichita Conference academic meet on Thurs., Oct. 27th. They ended their regular season with 12 wins and 4 losses.

The first game was a nail biting experience for everyone. It was a very close game, but Waurika came out on top, 130-120.

Sophomore Lily Jones said, “During the first game, I was really proud of my team. Empire was right behind us, but we endured and got through it with a win. Our lightning rounds really saved the day. I think they were the main reason we won the game.”

The second game went even better for Waurika. The team took down Empire with a final score of 150-130. Both teams played well, but Waurika was more on top of their game. The Eagles really were soaring.

Head coach Ann Hodges said, “The lightning rounds were quite difficult in the second game, but Braden Woods, Hope Henderson, and Tucker Mora answered enough toss up questions to give us the edge.”

Waurika is participating in the Wichita Conference Tournament at the Simmons Center on Nov. 10th. Regionals are Nov. 12th at Cyril.

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