Academic team back in the match

Waurika A-Team takes two for the win

By Elizabeth Slavin, staff writer

At the Geronimo meet, Thurs. Sept. 29, the Waurika Academic Team won both games against the Blue Jays.

During the first game the Eagles defeated Geronimo, 100-30, with Junior Braden Woods leading the way by scoring 50 points for the team. The Eagles were also fortunate to get their choice of categories (2016 NBA Players, Inventors) in the first 60 second round. Waurika chose the 2016 NBA Players because the Captain Jordan Winton is a huge sports fan.

“If we hadn’t picked the NBA category, we wouldn’t have won,” Sophomore Riley Cronin said. “You could tell Geronimo wanted that category, but they got stuck with inventors and didn’t know very many. We were lucky that round.”

In the second game, the Eagles defeated the Blue Jays,160-100. Once again, a wise choice of categories in the last quarter accounted for the win. Junior Braden Woods almost ran the category (chemical symbols) by answering seven questions correctly.

“When the chemical symbols category came up, I knew we would need to pick that category because Braden knows every scientific term in the book,” Junior Dalee Barrick said.

To end the game, Senior Hope Henderson led the way in the last lightning round with her knowledge of current events. Henderson scored 40 points during the round.

Coach Ann Hodges is extremely proud of the team and their ability to make good decisions when it comes to the 60 second rounds.

“I am excited about the maturity of the team members this year,” Hodges said. “They only have 10 seconds to decide which category to choose and so far, they have worked together to pick the best one. I have always told them that lightning rounds can determine the game outcome, and that is what we saw today.”

The next Academic meet is Thurs. Oct. 6, at Ringling.

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